How To Lose Weight
In 30 Days!

Get the body you want with our fully customised 30 days program. Our program uses only the best technology and machines and includes daily curated meals sent to your doorstep.

Are you facing any of the following problems?

Are you unhappy with your weight? Do you feel like you've tried everything but nothing seems to work? 

Water Retention

Do you face bloating, puffiness issues?

Stubborn Cellulites

Cellulites that stay even with weight loss?

Flabby Arms

Have arms that will not tighten up?

Post-Natal Gains

Unable to return to your figure before giving birth?

Muffin Tops

Stuck with muffin top that will not go away?

Belly Pooch

Have a bulging pooch that you can't get rid of?

We have the perfect solution for you!

Our 30 Days Slimming Program is designed specifically for you!
It comes with complete daily meals and treatments to ensure your weight loss journey with us is safe & effective. 
Results are guaranteed!

Combined With The Best Technologies To Achieve
Your Desired Body!

Full Body Composition Analysis

Your personalised slimming treatment plan will be created based on a full analysis of your body's age, fat percentage, and visceral fat levels. 

Cyro Fat Freeze 

Target stubborn areas with fat freezing! Studies have shown that fat freezing can effectively reduce subcutaneous fats by 25% in one session.

EMSlim Sculptor

A 30-min session of EMSlim Sculptor treatment is equivalent to 20000 crunches or 20000 squats performed!

Visceral Fats Reduction

A duo function that utilises unique technology, Capacitive Electrode Transfer & Resistive Electrode Transfer to tightens the skin & burn visceral fats comfortably to produce the maximum results with no downtime.

RF & Cavitation

Cavitation facilitates the breakup of adipose tissues, and helps to mobilise and eliminate fat deposits non-invasively, resulting in fat & cellulite  reduction.  RF helps to tighten, smooth and contour the skin while stimulating collagen growth for a naturally younger looking appearance.

Full Body Detox Therapy

Helps to burns calories, reduces water retention and releases bodily toxins and detox up to 7x more effective than a traditional sauna. Full body detox therapy is also an effective treatment for stiff muscles, sore joints and stress relief.

With Our Tested & Proven Results

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What’s in our 30-Days program

Healthy, Delicious Lunch & Dinner Provided!

Curated by professional meal planners

Lunch & Dinner delivered to your doorstep!

Total of 40 Exciting & Delicious Meals!

Customised Slimming Treatments

Uses only the latest machines & technology - Cryo Fat Freeze, Visceral Fats Reduction, EMSlim Sculptor, Full Body Detox Therapy, RF & Cavitation 

Target specific areas that you want to slim

Daily treatments customised for you

Your Success Follow Ups

Regular weight and measurement checks, and journaling

Follow up calls for motivation, problem solving and action plan for the week.

Guaranteed results.

Proud To Work With Many Celebrities & Influencers!

Our Simple 3- Step Process

Book a free consultation

An analysis of your body will be conducted (fats, muscles, bmi & more) and a discussion with our consultant on your desired outcome.

Personalised Plan

A 30 days personalised treatment and diet plan will be created as per your needs.

Follow Plan & See Results

Follow your personalised plan, and see yourself getting in shape. We guarantee your success if you follow our plans.

Talk to our program experts

Leave your details below and our experts will reach out to you and guide you about the program, process and any other questions you may have.

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